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General Information

Company Name
Year founded
Avepark,Technology Park of Taipas
6 members, including 5 PhDs

Biotempo establishes itself as an international reference in terms of biotechnology governed by a set of values and practices that are based on innovation, excellence and dynamism. The activities of this company are directed primarily for companies that, intending to invest in I&D, can`t move forward with independent projects.


Biotempo was formed in January 2002 as a spin-off of the University of minho, in Portugal. The company had its genesis in labor relations and friendship established by four researchers from the Department of Biological Engeneering of the university, wich in a complementary way were acting at the level of individual training.
So from the moment of foundation Biotempo allowed a high level of cooperation between university and business practice, reflected in the fact that its founders secure jobs teaching and researching in the university.


This company offers service to the market research and development, consultancy and training, divided into three functional Departments:
The Department for Environmental Biotechnology (DEB) guide its activities in consultancy and training in support of sewage treatment of wastewater, including:
• Analysis, identification and characterization of their microbial populations
• Environmental Audits
• Analysis of air

The Department of Industrial Biotechnology (DIB) is focused on the following aspects:

• Targeting the development of bioprocesses
• Rental fermentation pilot plant
• Application of mathematical tools in optimization, monitoring and control of biotechnological processes

• Development of new production processes on an industrial scale applying fermentation operations

The Department of Food Biotechnology (DFB) is proposed to diagnose and develop technical solutions to food businesses who wish to bet on the differentiation and competitiveness. In this sense operates in the following areas:
• Study of new processes, equipment or products with a view to innovation
• Analysis of existing processes that need to be optimized
• Implementation and monitoring systems of quality management and food security
• Nutritional assessment of recipes and menus in restaurants

• Planning menus balanced
• Labeling of food

Current projects




Food Biotechnology
Food Biotechnology
Environmental Biotechnology
Industrial Biotechnology

Other facts

Since the area of biotechnology is rapidly expanding, Biotempo saw the need to hold regular training courses, advanced courses and technical meetings in their areas of competence. Thus promotes a better balance between supply and demand of professionals in the labor market and the personal and business appreciation.

Ana Rita Vasconcelos 66840, MEBIOl

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