Bioton S.A.

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General Information

Company Name
Bioton S.A.
Year founded
Key People
Sławomir Ziegert – chairman of the directing body, Ryszard Krauze – chairman of the board of supervisors
Total value
750 millions €
Net Income
24 millions € (planned for 2010)

Bioton is the biggest polish company in the area of biotechnology and one of the biggest in Polish medical industry. With 110 employees (on 465 total[1] ) engaged in research and development and directly in the production process it is also the biggest employer in the biotechnology market in Poland.
The production varies from probiotics and antibiotics to the their most important product - Gensulin, human recombinant insulin.
Bioton has rights to sell products in Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and China[2] .


  • 24.08.1989 - establishment of Bioton
  • 06.1993 - beginning of cephalosporin production
  • 03.1996 - takeover of Bioton by PROKOM Investments
  • 10.1996 - 07.1998 - acquisitions of medical plants in the city of Łódź, Macierzyska i Duchnica
  • 12.1999 - finalization of registration process for human recombinant insulin products
  • 08.2004 - transformation of Bioton into joint-stock company
  • 2009 - restructuring the company - reduction in employment from over 630 to 465


  • Glimepiryd – drug lowering in blood glucose level based on the structure of sulphonylurea. Its effect is focused on stimulation of -cells to secrete insulin;
  • cephalosporin antibiotics of three generations, against both Gram + and – species,
  • high spectra aminoglicoside antibiotics like Amicacine. This kind of of antibiotics are destined for clinical use in the most difficult infections;
  • macrolide antibiotics like Claritromicin, , being used in typical and atypical infections and also in curing illnesses caused by Helicobacter pylori;
  • probiotics based on Laccillus rhamnosus specie;
  • Gensulin, insulin produced in transgenic strain of E. coli.

Financial Information

Bioton is joint-stock company recorded on Warsaw Stock Exchange in the WIG 20 index, the group of 20 biggest companies on the whole stock market.
Rate of capitalization reaches 750 millions € with more than 140 millions € of initial capital[5] .
Planned profits for the year 2010 should reach approximately 24 millions €[6] .


external image gensulin.jpg
Gensulin, the Bioton's recombinant insulin is the fourth granted with the public usage approval in the world, what happened in the December of 1998.
It is being synthesized in E.coli as a fusion protein in inclusion bodies. The several step purifying, including two time chromatography, enables to obtain identical to human insulin in purity of 99.9%. This result sets Bioton in one of the best recombinant insulin producers in the world.

Pipeline of the company

n the pipeline of the company is a project concerning antimetabolite medicines. The researches include usage of them against certain cancer types but also are advanced in trial in treating cystic fibrosis.

edited by: Michał Beffinger, MEBiol

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