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Intercell AG
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Gerd Zettlmeissl (CEO, former CEO of Chiron Behring, co-inventor of Enbrel), Thomas Lingelbach (COO, former Vice President Industrial Operations Chiron Vaccines, managing Director for Novartis Vaccines Germany) and Reinhard Kandera (CFO, appointed CFO in March 2009, more than 8 years with Intercell, formerly Deutsche Bank)
55753 in EUR thousand (2008)

The main focus of Intercell AG is the development of new vaccines for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases with substantial unmet medical need. These new vaccines are called “smart vaccines” and they include only the essential ingredients which stimulate T-cells and B-cells, both important elements of the human immune system.

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in Annual report 2008, Retrieved 14/03/2010


Intercell’s first product available on the market is a Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, which was approved in the U.S. (FDA), Europe (European Commission), Canada (Health Canada) and Australia (TGA). Intercell has also a strong component of innovation in its pipeline but allows room for manoeuvre if a product doesn’t pass all the phases. In clinical development the company is testing products such as Travelers’ Diarrhea Vaccine Patch, S. aureus vaccine and Pseudomonas vaccine. In the pre-clinical development the company is testing a Pneumococcus vaccine, a Group A Streptococcus vaccine and a Lyme Borreliosis vaccine.

Financial Information

in Annual report 2008, Retrieved 14/03/2010

Intercell partnerships

Intercell has started strategic partnerships with a number of global pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, Merck & Co., Inc., Wyeth, and Sanofi Pasteur, all due to its technology platforms: the Antigen Identification Program ©, the adjuvant programs including IC31© and the needle-free Vaccine Patch Technology. In 2008, the company acquired the U.S.-based Iomai Cooperation which enriched Intercell’s R&D pipeline of innovative projects like the Travelers’ Diarrhea Vaccine Patch and the Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Enhancement Patch.

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