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The biotechnology area is today, one of the faster growing markets. Large amounts of investment support a growing number of companies that generate billions of dollars every year.
Most of the biotechnology companies represent very interesting cases of innovative, entrepreneurial or managerial spirit.

This wikispace appears as an academic work for a course called "Bioengineering and Market" from Instituto Superior Técnico - Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (Portugal). The course is mainly focused on case studies of biotechnological companies.

The wikispace content is mostly composed by wiki pages of Companies, Products , Tools or Technologies from the biotechnology industry that were freely chosen by the students.

The wiki status says very much for himself as this is a continuously incomplete work, all the pages can be improved, more pages can be added, new connections can be made. From now on the discussion tab will be an extremely important tool for improvement of this community, and there should posted all the concerns and suggestions regarding the pages.
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